Advanced Pro Makeup Course

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Advanced Pro Makeup Course

Advanced Pro Makeup course gives a deeper understanding of advanced makeup concepts and enables students to succeed in professional makeup artistry in the beauty industry. Students are taught about the latest makeup trends so that they gain expertise and are able to deliver advanced makeup solutions for films and photoshoots.

You will be learning

  • Day-neutral makeup
  • Evening makeup look
  • Party / Night makeup look
  • Bridal makeup lookup
  • Client Servicing and Care
  • Client Prepping & Skin care
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Selection and Usage
  • Colour Theory
  • Brushes: Usage and Maintenance
  • Facial Anatomy (Identifying various shapes of features)
  • Identifying Skin Tones & Skin Types
  • Different Foundation Techniques & Tools
  • Conceal Correct Techniques
  • All types of Eye Makeup
  • Lash Application
  • Identifying Eye Brow / Lips / Eye shapes
  • Contouring & highlighting understanding the face shape
  • Feature corrective makeup Techniques
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